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911 – Rerun

What If News Commentary

An old axiom in football is that if a play works once, use it again. Well, terrorist groups have continued to repeat their methods of attacks over and over for the same reasons as the wise NFL offensive coordinator recalls the same play. The terror methods these groups have employed are relatively simple to plan, easy to replicate, hard to defend, and in an eccentric way, provide a group signature they are proud of. Individual splinter groups now get direct instructions from the internet on how to carry out local attacks based on the “playbook” from the home team. We have seen the same patterns now for twelve years, so we should not be surprised to learn that dry runs preparing to use airlines as weapons have begun again. See (http://rt.com/usa/dry-run-terrorism-planes-memo-090/). Knowing how terror plans repeat themselves, and seeing the sudden renewed interest with airline dry runs begs the question – What are we prepared to do about it?

A few months ago my farther-in-law boarded a plane from Seattle to Phoenix. He is a war veteran, in his mid-80′s, and wheelchair bound. After being checked in and saying goodbye to my wife, he was being wheeled through security screening by an airline representative when a zealous TSA agent asked him to stand for a pat down. Apparently he was viewed as a threat to the other able bodied passengers walking through security without a second look. Being afflicted with dementia and barely strong enough to stand, he had difficulty understanding and fulfilling the agent’s arbitrary and capricious orders which were being barked out at him in ever increasing tones. It was very fortunate I was not a witness to this personal affront.

The point of this particular event, and the myriad other forms of lamentable “security” now thrust on the public, should bring to our minds a far more serious question. Have we once again become enamored by the minutia in our security in the quest for peace of mind? Has the impression that we now have the upper hand over our adversaries been so imprinted on us by the media that we have forgotten to view the bigger picture?

For the most part we have their playbook, we know many of the teams advanced players, and we full well understand that 911 round two is on the drawing board. There is little doubt that the plan is is being coached up in the pregame warm-ups and the plan is now being rehearsed in an airline near you. All the while the local news continues to reassure us by showing the quick capture of low level sacrificial lambs and with well-worn videos of training camps where men jump across monkey bars and fire the ubiquitous AK 47s into the air.

Are we being duped again, or will we actually be ready when a new variation of an old successful play gets called?