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William Robson lives in beautiful Sammamish, Washington, with his wife and 150 lbs. of dogs. After spending his college years writing short stories that were predominantly designed to rattle his professor’s stuffy demeanor, he graduated into a career creating commercial software. His next 30+ years were predominantly consumed with creating software applications that helped drive America’s corporate engine. But through it all, William continued to surreptitiously write stories designed to stretch the reader’s imagination. The dream to continue his storytelling was kept alive by a family that consistently surpassed his meager accomplishments in life. He is the proud father of a PhD Daughter, a biochemist son, and a middle school teacher wife who have supported his writing dreams and pushed him to excel, just to keep up with them.

Eventually, the clarion call to become a full time writer overwhelmed his desire for a regular paycheck, and he exited the corporate world as quietly as he entered it. William now has the overwhelming satisfaction of being able to share some of his stories with a wider audience. He hopes you enjoy reading about mind stretching “What-If” situations as much as he enjoys writing about them.

William looks forward to connecting with his readers and hearing their comments and ideas. Please check out some of his other writings on his Quora page or send a comment on twitter @williamrobson99

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Welcome to the world of What If.